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Tiny Tots Discover Dinosaurs

Tyrannosaurus book screen
Stegosaurus book screen
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Share the love of dinosaurs with this digital board style book that introduces pre-readers to ten popular dinosaurs.

  • It has audio reading and phonetic spelling for those hard to pronounce names.
  • Learn basic facts about each dinosaur.

Don’t distract your kids

Instead, reinforce educational concepts, social norms, and creative expression. My goal is to promote activities that help kids flourish.

Hi, I'm Matt, I bring over 20 years of expertise in user experience design, illustration and motion graphics to the products I create.

My approach is to understand:


How kids learn through play and exploration on and off the iPad.


How each age group has unique needs, and motor skills.


How to make a high-value experience for each age group.

The topics will vary from:

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Science &
letters and numbers icons
Letters &
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Explorative Games &
Creative Activities
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Stories About
Social Norms

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